About Us

We are dedicated to the research, understanding and participation in the market of fundamental assets in Blockchain Technology.


We intend to share the results of our efforts and research, executing strategic alliances with the most sophisticated institutions, which include public and corporate pension funds, universities or educational institutions, charitable foundations, financial organizations and banks.


We bet on a life and a work full of meaning; therefore, we develop a strategy that generates relevant and impactful actions, as well as significant experiences. None of this can occur in isolation, which is why we establish open and clear relationships that facilitate communication as fluid and constructive as possible.



Investigation: We aim at understanding the world, the people and the market. We are constantly investigating reality, locating the most fundamental elements that allow us to access a broad understanding of the functioning of the market.

Innovation: We actively develop an open and fluid communication environment that facilitates the presentation of the best ideas, regardless of their origin, with this we promote debate, respect and tolerance of perspectives and development. Of the confrontation with alternative proposals.

Adaptation: We maintain an approach that adjusts to new developments and that aligns the results of our research with the new ideas conceived, to achieve the best possible results.



Blockchain is the latest technological innovation in recent years. It has a potential giant to influence significantly and positively in the lives of millions of people, companies and institutions. That is why we have specialized in the research of projects that use such technology, as well as the participation in their markets, understanding that it is a novel area that represents a different and challenging way of approaching the market of financial assets.

Our Team


The management style of the fund is clear from our philosophy. It is adaptive and integrates a broad fundamental understanding of each project, together with a technical analysis, which reveals the behavior and encouragement of market participants.

Our team constantly assesses the economic climate, the trajectory and the leadership style of the projects, community and marketing capacity, and incorporates that information into the detailed analysis of market behavior to define the most favorable opportunities.

Such a level of specialization requires that we closely attend innumerable corporate details involving monitoring of market movements, media and networks 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The market of assets based on Blockchain technology does not rest and neither do we.


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